Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pinter-esque Magnet Board

Since my first day on Pinterest I've seen these cute magnet boards for all kind of different things like calendars, menus, etc. Well I need a lot more space on a calendar, and I don't really cook a lot, so I didn't think much of the magnet board fad until I saw an idea for a makeup magnet board. I didn't want to buy all the "ingredients" used by the tutorial, so the idea had to germinate for a while until I found these babies out in the hall.

Finally, the perfect magnet board! If you've talked to me for more than five minutes I've probably mentioned Dressing Your Truth and how I'm a T3. Well when you order things from the store, they come packed in tissue paper that's your type. Since I'm a little addicted to everything T3 and ordering things online, I have a nice little stack of these.

I'm not much of one for following directions on tutorials if I already know what I'm doing, so I just grabbed my tools and went to town.

 Decoupaging is super simple. You just paint the backside of your paper with watered down glue and attach it to your object. Then you paint over it to seal it.

I felt like my trays needed some definition so I painted the edges. Totally tacky-trashy chic right?

Although my original plan had been to use both boards, I decided to just use the square one for now. I hot glued a piece of braided jute to the back of the board to serve as a hanger. Then I hot glued magnets to the backs of most of my makeup and stuck 'em on. The only good place to hang it in my bathroom was right over the outlet, but I rarely use it anyway.

I'm super happy with it. It doesn't look super spectacular in this picture, but n real life it's pretty sweet. I keep my brushes and mascara and eyeliner in a little vase on the counter, where my compacts didn't fit. My limited counter and drawer space makes this a really optimal, and awesomely T3 solution!

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