Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hard Evidence

In a previous blog I mentioned finding awesome things in the hall of our apartment building. We live in a historic building that used to be a hotel, and there are interesting nooks and crannies. One of these is the entrance to a storage closet in one of the main hallways. This is the unofficial dump for all things which the residents would rather not have to cart off to Deseret Industries. I have found all kinds of things here, from a desk, to my yellow "Ellie" chair (like from the movie Up), to plastic shot glasses (there's gotta be something crafty I can do with those, right?) and much much more. A few weeks ago I started wishlisting a few items such as a box fan, shelves, and an ironing board. I didn't really think much about them, sort of added them to an internal list of things I should look for at D.I. Lo and behold, within a week, they all showed up in the hallway. 
Now, I'm a big believer in the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking. Doesn't mean I'm always the best at it. I struggle to keep my thoughts in line with my beliefs. However my subconscious started looking out for me.
If you've ever been shopping with me, or honestly if you've talked to me for over five minutes, you know I practice something called Dressing Your Truth. Basically I believe that my personal energy frequency, what I call a dominate Type 3, coordinates my personality, facial features, movement, and what clothing looks best on me, among other things. I'm in a group for my type on Facebook, and we like to post pictures of our outfits. One problem. My husband thinks the whole thing is incredibly stupid and refuses to take my picture. We just laugh, roll our eyes, and say "typical Type 4" under our breaths. So I wrote "tripod" on my white board. And put it out of my mind. I've been too busy to worry about taking my picture lately. However, the universe didn't put it out of it's mind. Today my husband walked in with a tripod he found out in the hall. My eyes immediately went to the board. Coincidence? Maybe. I think the law of attraction actually makes a better scientific case than this messy thing we call coincidence.
Do you need more proof? I hit my head pretty badly and had an awful headache today. I was thinking about how badly I probably needed a chiropractic adjustment, but it wasn't really in my budget. So of course my chiropractor called me to let me know that free adjustment day is tomorrow. COINCIDENCE? Perhaps. Perhaps not ;)