Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Freedom Space

Steven has been working some interesting hours in Idaho Falls. Although he mostly works from 2-11, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays he's been working more in the middle of the day. So I decided to start going with him and working for my mom from the library. And I just have to say that the Idaho Falls library is BOSS. There's a flipping fish pond INSIDE. So I found a little nook that nobody's ever in (which is strange because it's really not that little, there's two big tables and seven chairs) and set up my little office. It's great because I don't have the temptation of the Xbox, or the temptation of my refrigerator. Unfortunately, with the car, I have the temptations of shopping and fast food, especially since I have to go move my car every two hours anyway. But during those two hours I often get a lot of work done! Next week I'm thinking that I'll visit the museums in town when I move my car.

So about work... GO CHECK OUT MY MOM'S WEBSITE! I uploaded a new and better video for the front page, I have all the links to Facebook and Twitter and the like working, and there's a section to show what is new!

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