Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Pinteresting Piece You've Got There

One of these days I'm going to run out of Pinterest puns, and then where will we be.

Doesn't this wall look super empty? Well I've been wanting to fill it for a while. I've had several ideas but they're all waiting on other things to happen first. And I got tired of waiting.

I picked up a bunch of pieces of this super thick cardboard from the scene shop at the school before I graduated. They were just going to throw them away! Steven has been bugging me to use them up, and I'd seen this idea on Pinterest, and I had to stay home from church today with a sore throat, so I got started.

I used masking tape to make a sort of freestyle chevron pattern. I didn't want it to be perfect. Then I found some awesome ugly* blue paint and went to town. I experimented a little bit with whether I was going to paint where the masking tape had been or not, and whether to paint one stripe different, and I ended up with this.

I'm no photographer, so it looks better in real life. Also I like the bottom edge raggedy like it is. It's really just a filler until I make something even cooler. Our apartment is really cool in that you can kinda do whatever you want to the walls, so I put two nails in and then kinda just smacked the cardboard onto the nail heads.

*I have this weird fascination/obsession with colors I think are ugly. One might argue that I must not actually think that they're ugly. But I think you can find something ugly and cute at the same time. Pug dogs for example. Baby monkeys. This strange vintage fetish that everyone seems to have caught like a plague. Well I caught it too, but I can still say most of it is as ugly as heck. Yet awesome.


  1. I'm almost tired of seeing the chevron everywhere but I LOVE the freehand one!...and lol on the "ugly" color thing

  2. Haha thanks Lucy! Here in Idaho we're slightly behind the times so I'm not sick of chevron yet. Hopefully I will have made a cool new piece of art to put there by the time I am sick of it.