Monday, May 28, 2012


My life philosophy is that if experience and knowledge are the only things you can take with you, you'd better acquire as much of it as you can. That being said, I also consider the smallest things to be great experiences. For example, in my quest to make as much of Pinterest as I can (actually USING it instead of just looking at pretty things) I came across the idea of growing your own green onions. You just don't use the roots of the bunch you buy from the store, and then put them in a jar of water like so:

I stuck them outside the window in the little hallway that serves as our "fire escape" and sometimes has some natural light. Apparently it has enough! See how tall those suckers got! I don't know if they'll continue to grow as fast as I'd like, but I've gotten much more out of them than I usually get, especially since I never finish them before they wilt. If nothing else if I end up buying more, I can get them to last longer by just keeping them alive. Can I just say how super exciting this is? It's just a little thing, but I really love green onions. I mean I really love green onions.

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