Friday, May 11, 2012


Usually a special treat for Cinco De Mayo, in the weeks since I participated in my family's time-honored tradition of celebrating Mexican food, these tasty little buggers have become a staple. Steven was thoroughly unappreciative of the chorizo that I drool over, so he made some plain beef ones for himself. Which took about a twentieth of the time that mine had. And were still pretty good, although chorizo will ALWAYS be my favorite. We've even experimented with black beans and turkey. The former worked fine but I didn't like the latter. Turkey is great for enchiladas, but not chimis in my opinion. Anyway all you really do is put your filling in a well wrapped flour tortilla and deep fry it.

Don't they look delicious? Also, admire the platter I made for my amazing mother-in-law!

Which is really the one and only downside to this newfound staple... it's so danged unhealthy! This is why they'd been a special treat up until now! But without the chorizo they're just soooo EASY!

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