Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello Again

Another day, another vow to blog more often.

Anyway here is what is going on in my life.

1. Brave - Went to see it with Steven. Loved it. Not a typical Pixar wower, but a cute story with more than adequate Celtic heritage pride. Which is of course why I'll probably be buying the movie and listening to the soundtrack on Spotify for the next few months. 

2. The Hunger Games - Book not the movie. Had to request it from the library, but got it the day after said request was put in. Hopefully the same will happen with book two because I SEE WHAT ALL THE FUSS WAS ABOUT. AAAAMMMMMMAAAAZZZZZINNNNGGG book. And I'm glad I read it after the movie came out, because though I haven't seen it I HAVE seen plenty of promotional photos so I read the book with the cast of the movie as the cast in my head. So everything should match up well when I see it. I did the same with Harry Potter and I think it was a good move. Also VERY grateful for one important spoiler without which I would have been bawling all night.

3. Minecraft - Got the xbox version for my birthday, playing lots of it. This may be the first video game I 100%. If I can find a freaking saddle.

4. Wardrobe - If I'm not careful I may end up with a pair of skinny jeans in every color of the rainbow. I only have brick and gold so far, but pinot will join them sometime next week. Also LOVE all the stuff I got from the Dressing Your Truth store with my birthday money!

5. Crafting - Vest is almost done. If I could just find my book where it shows how to knit buttonholes the way I like... Hair clips. If I was cool I'd post a picture. Basically ribbon and fancy bobby pins. I really should post a picture... Headbands!!! These I REALLY should post a picture of, so I've decided that my next blog will just be pictures of all the cool stuff I've made lately. 

6. Job - No headway on a regular 9-5. Applied for practically every business in a 15 mile radius. Got into a rut with working for my mom again. It's not that I hate editing videos, so I don't know what my problem is. ETSY. Bleh. I've got neat stuff to sell, it's just my whole love/hate relationship with photography in general. I really need to get over that. And since APPARENTLY I have high blood pressure disease (must be all that alcohol and cigars that I haven't had) , I haven't been able to donate plasma. And it HAD been going SO WELL. :( 

That's all for today! Over the next few days I hope to post a blog about that craft stuff, and one with a semi-big announcement about a goal for my future. (A GOAL people, so NO, I'm NOT PREGNANT!)

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