Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Interesting Things

1. Today is Steven's and my first anniversary! Whoa! We plan to celebrate by doing our state income taxes, praying for the phones to ring and people to offer us jobs, and enjoying a bottle of Martinelli's. In glass goblets. A celebration of the humdrum new adult life we signed up for when we walked into the temple a year ago. Can't say I have a single regret.

2. I fell down the stairs Saturday night. It hurts. A lot. I scraped up both legs pretty bad and began to realize yesterday that the pain in my left knee isn't strictly from the worst of the scrapes, located right on the kneecap, but rather from things going on inside my knee. Oh well, it was about time to go to the chiropractor anyway. We have this nasty flight of stairs in our apartment complex (which actually used to be a hotel a gazillion years ago) between the 2nd and 3rd floor laundries. It's narrow, steep, and apparently slippery. I was standing on the top step holding my basket of laundry thinking "Now, I'll have to be very careful as I can't see my feet due to this laundry basket," and my feet went out from under me. I won't lie, I cried on the landing for a few minutes before I managed to drag myself back to the apartment. 

3. This is the slightly embarrassing one... my husband and I are gamers. We're located somewhere between the fanatics and the casual players, leaning more on the side of the fanatics. My husband says I'm not good enough to call myself a gamer, but I say I'm doing pretty good for only playing anything but minesweeper for two years. This isn't the part I find embarrassing. The problem is that my husband and I have two very different ideas of a good time. He wants to stay at home (not necessarily gaming), and I want to go OUT. Not clubbing or to concerts, just outside. So my husband struck me a deal. He really wants me to play this game Morrowind to prepare to someday get Skyrim. So the deal is, I finish Morrowind, he'll take me to Yellowstone. Normally I would be fine with this, but it's not even on the xbox, it's on the computer. I hate games on the computer because I feel like I'm a WOWer. And other issues. Despite my whining and complaining though... I've actually started enjoying myself. Sheesh.

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